Square Pillows

Each one of our throw pillows is individually printed, cut, and hand-sewn. The case is made of 100% Polyester, with a concealed zipper, and it’s machine washable. They are soft, durable and the polyester case allows for a fine print quality. The satin-feel from the polyester case is a permanent invitation for more hugs. Thankfully they’re filled with a resilient polyester filling (handwash only) that retains the pillow shape even after numerous squeezes. When your visitors get a hold of one of these little plump pillows, it will be love at first touch. Hug these throw pillows and they will love you back like a faithful dog, less the licking of course. Throw them at someone’s face and they’ll just ask for more, unless there’s some beverage midway, of course. The tactile appeal aside, our throw pillows also carry the important themes to our store and to your personality and the message you want to imprint on your visitors. They are great decoration pieces as well great conversation ones. Spread some around your place.

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