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To what countries can my orders be shipped?

Your purchases can be shipped to ALL countries, except Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.
All shipments will have a tracking code, so you can follow your parcels from warehouse to your house.

* Australia exception for Canvases and Framed Posters:
Due to their local regulations and treatment processes for importing wooden products we DO NOT ship Canvases and Framed Posters to Australia. You can still order and receive unframed posters (and everything else) at Australia addresses, though.

How long does it take for my orders to be delivered?

97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than a half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less. Altogether, from the time your order is placed to the date when you receive it, there are three processes to consider: (1) Payment Confirmation, (2) Fulfilment and (3) Shipping.

(1) Payment Confirmation: With all payment options, confirmation that your order was paid usually happens within the hour, taking only a few minutes in the majority of cases.

(2) Fulfilment: Our fulfilment is usually quite fast. On average it takes between 2 and 7 business days to manufacture Clothing products, and 2-5 business days for Home & Office items and Accessories.

(3) Shipping: Shipment happens after payment confirmation and order fulfilment. Time for shipping and delivering depends on things like the shipping option you pick and your shipping address, but it will be in a range from 1 to 7 days. Please check our Shipping Options Guide for more info and time estimates (It’s a short read, and worth it. Please do it).

From where are my orders shipped?

We currently ship from two warehouses. The first is in Los Angeles, California, in the USA. The second is located in Riga, Latvia, in Europe. Your orders are fulfilled and shipped based on your location and the availability of the products on these two warehouses. The USA warehouse can manufacture and ship ALL the products in the RECORE catalog, and the Europe warehouse currently handles most of our catalog, but not yet everything. Every product in the store shows this under the “Stocked in and Shipped from” section in its description. In all cases we try to ship your orders from the warehouse closer to your shipping address, as a way to keep the shipping costs lower and to try and avoid, if possible, any customs fees that may incur in the shipment.

What currency does the store use?

All prices are listed in USD (United States Dollar). Our payments are handled by Paypal, both for direct payment using your Paypal wallet or for payments using a Credit Card. Both Paypal and most international Credit Card operators usually convert these Dollar prices to your local currency during checkout with no problem whatsoever. There are plans to enable more currencies in the near future. Let us know which one you’d like to use.

Why my shipping label shows prices in Euros?

Our shipping labels show prices in USD for orders fulfilled in our USA warehouse. Orders fulfilled in our Europe warehouse have their values printed in Euros to make it easier for your purchase to go through customs checkpoints and mail sorting centers within Europe. Packing slips and invoices however, show prices in USD since this is the store’s main currency.

How can I contact the store?

First, during business hours, Los Angeles time, you can talk to us directly using our Live Chat. It’s easy to find the chat, just open the small tab labeled “Live Chat” floating at the bottom of every page throughout the entire site. We’re available on the Live Chat, Monday through Saturday, from 8AM to 5PM PDT (That is, from 16h to 01h GMT).

Second, you can also always message us using our Contact Page (reachable at the top of the site on every page if you’re on the desktop version of the site, or in the main hamburger menu at the top if you’re on a mobile device). Messages from the Contact page are sent to us by email, so please inform your proper email so we can reply.

And finally, you can also message us on Twitter and Facebook anytime. Just ping us there with any questions you have regarding our products, a purchase you’ve made, questions about your account, our promotions, our policies, etc, whatever you need help with, really.

I made a mistake with my order. How can I fix it?

More than half of our orders are fulfilled and dispatched for shipping in less than 3 days. So if you find any problem whatsoever with your order, please contact us within 2 days, max, after placing your order (either by the on-site Live Chat, by email, or via Twitter orFacebook). After 2 days passed from the moment you placed your order, it is very difficult for us to correct the problem. Act quick and we’ll do our best to help you out with any issue.

Why canvases can't be shipped to Australia?

In order to protect its ecosystem from invasive foreign species, Australia has strict laws regulating what can be imported into the country. Wood products are especially regulated as they can be considered a vector for invasive species. The regulations and treatment processes for importing wooden products into Australia are incredibly difficult to maintain, so for that reason we do not ship canvases there. You can read more about Australia’s import requirements and regulations here.

Who pays customs duties and/or import taxes?

International shipments may incur custom taxes depending on the country to where the order is shipped. The fees may vary depending on order value, country limits and other factors pertaining the customs legislation applied in the destination country. You are responsible for any possible customs fees. Please consult your country’s legislation.

Local shipments inside the USA do not incur in any import fees and no extra taxes. The same goes for shipments sent to European addresses from our Europe warehouse. In both cases the price listed for each item in our catalog (plus shipping) is the final and only cost you’ll have for your products.

Why some of my products were shipped separately?

The main goal is to deliver the items in your order as fast as possible. But there are two reasons for this to happen. First, some products have manufacturing speeds and packaging that are different. For example, are shipped in super durable tubes, but obviously backpacks, canvas or framed posters, for example, don’t use the same packaging. So, in some instances these items may be shipped separately. Another reason is that some items may be shipped from our USA warehouse while others may be shipped from our Europe warehouse.

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