SUBMIT Your ACTION SHOTS and win love, discounts and exclusive gear

We love to showcase photos of the RECORE community using our products. And we love rewarding you for sending them. You can send your action shots for any product you want, and as many as you want. You’ll always get your discounts for every product action shot you send. Feel free to suggest a caption for your pic as well.

Here’s some info about the ways we can feature your pics and some guidelines to make it a winner shot!*

WHAT’s in it for you?

Other than glorious nerdy fame, you mean? Oh, yeah, we do have some prizes for you.

be featured on product pages

When you send us your pictures to be featured on product pages, you get a 5% discount code for each product you want to showcase, even if we don’t use your images. Ready that camera app and take different shots with all of them. **

Be featured on our newsletter 

Post your shots on the interwebz and if your pic is selected as the best of the month, it will be featured on our Newsletter, and you win both a 10% discount and our exclusive Action Shot Club Winner T-Shirt (which, btw, is not for sale on the Store).***

HOW to Partake in the Bounty?

Easy, peasy.

  1. Buy any of our products.
  2. Take your new gear for a spin and take a great photo of you using it.
  3. Send your photo by email (to [email protected]) if you want it to be featured on the product page, and snatch your 5% discount, and/or
  4. Post your pic on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest using the hashtag #RecoreFame for a chance to be featured on our Newsletter and win a 10% discount, plus that sweet exclusive shirt ^

The best photos are posted on the RES News so make sure to sign up to receive it.
Each discount code is unique, and issued for you exclusively. They are valid for 1 year after being issued.

How to be featured like a champ

  • Smile big to the world.
  • Be creative with your settings and scenarios.
  • Try not to make your shots too dark.
  • Make some Nerdy/Geeky/Techy references.
  • Gather friends around for a group shot.
  • Try some exotic locations (not dangerous ones).
  • Take photos on conventions and events.
  • Pose with interwebz celebs.
  • Cosplay pics are always welcome.
  • Pets are ok (if you are with them).


  • Don’t just shot products idling alone by themselves.
  • Don’t do dangerous selfies that can get you hurt.
  • No nud3s. We’re not interested in your particulars.
  • Don’t chop people’s head out of the frame.
  • Don’t send photos of children without their parents.
  • Don’t send photos of things we don’t sell.
  • No ZIP files or links to online albums.
  • Don’t send photos with promotional text in it.
  • Don’t send photos with watermarks.
  • Don’t send photos with visible URLs or addresses.


Didn’t we make a celebrity out of you? Don’t worry, there’s still time. We put all efforts in approving as many action shots as possible, and we hope that you to keep sending them. There are some times of the year, though, when we can be a bit busier than usual, especially around holidays and Holiday season. Please give us a couple of weeks to go through all the action shots we receive, and feel free to send more even if your previous ones haven’t showed up yet.

These are some possible reasons why your pics didn’t show up on our action shot galleries or product pages:

  • There was no people in the picture
  • Your photo was too dark or out of focus.
  • Your photo did not feature a RECORE Store product.
  • Your photo had text, watermark or other information applied to it artificially.
  • Your photo was not appropriate in nature.
  • Your photo showed children alone or with items not suitable for children.

Don’t frown, though. You can send as many action shots as you want. We’ll keep loving it and curating all photos we receive to the best of our habilities as time allows it. Keep them coming!


* Only verified buyers are eligible to received the prizes offered in this page. When you send us your shots, your purchase history will be checked to make sure you’re a buyer for the particular product(s) featured in your photos. By sending it to us directly or posting your photos on social media sites, you automatically authorize us to publish them on our product pages and our Newsletter. Your discount codes are usually sent within 24 hours.

** The discount codes you receive can only be used individually, and are not cumulative. i.e.: You cannot use ten 5% coupons to try and acquire a total discount of 50%. But you will receive a new coupon for each new shot you submit featuring a different product you buy. So, if you buy ten different products and send ten different action shots of them, you will indeed receive ten different 5% discount codes. How and when to use them is up to you. You just can’t use more than one at once.

*** If your photo is selected as the best one of a particular month and is featured on our Newsletter, we’ll need your email and physical address to send you your prizes, so keep your account information updated. If we’re unable to contact you by email before the end of the next month after your action shot is featured (usually around 60 days), your prizes are automatically forfeited.

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Stalk us out there

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