Tech News Friday: 2019/Jan/04

Two things dominated the news this week. The first was the apparent revival of the foldable screen idea. The second was the Apple falling from the tree. But first…

This was supposed to be at the end of this article but since it’s hapenning only today, perhaps it’s better to push it out of the way now (just in case you don’t read the whole text until the very bottom end, which, you know… shame on you).

Apple Watches on the cheap. Just today.

Amazon don’t want their Apple watches anymore. They burning them up in a huge sale for a fraction of the regular prices, just today! The catch? They are refurbished units. But, if they are in good looking and working condition, no biggie. Apple Watches Series 1, 2 and 3 are on sale. At the time of this writing, Series 1 is selling for just $185, Series 2 starts at $220, and the 42mm model Series 3 is going for $316 (the 38mm model on Series 3 seems to be already gone). Supply may go fast, so check it out if you’re on the hunt for one. And then come back here to continue reading the rest of the post!

The Race for the Foldies

It looks like the foldable screens are opening back (see what we did there) to people’s attention. Samsung has supposedly been working for years now on their foldable phone, but this week a leak came up that points to Xiaomi potentially getting closer to a foldable screen tablet. Well, it looks like it becomes a tablet after unfolding. And now the race seems to be picking up speed again. Oppo says it also has one, LG may show its own on CES 2019 next week, and Google confirmed Android support for the foldies.

Read more about this on TechRadar and BoyGeniusReport:

Galaxy F foldable concept (left) and possible Xiaomi foldable leaked this week (right)
Galaxy F foldable concept (left) and possible Xiaomi foldable leaked this week (right)

Beyond the phone/tablet cray cray

Honestly, foldies apart, there may be more reason to be excited about these new smart mirror and closets that LG will most likely showcase on CES 2019:

It’s about time interactive screens and smart furniture spread around for good.

Another interesting avenue that may be opening up to make innanimate objects around us a bit less stupid is Google’s Project Soli, which relies on radar-based motion sensors to interact with things around you using gestures, and got approved on Monday by the FCC, so it can now be deployed with higher power levels, even aboard aircrafts. Hey, Kinect, 2019 waves goodbye from the future.

Read more about this on The Verge and CNET:

Are we peak phoned yet?

The other “talk of the week” was Apple’s bag of gold at the end of the raibow.

On one hand, their App Store had the biggest week on record, selling $1.22 billion in the first week of the year. On New Year’s Day alone, people spent some jawdropping $322 million there.

On the other hand (the swollen, hurting one) their stock price tumbled like an abandoned shopping cart in a San Francisco slope, after the company shrinked their estimate for their first fiscal quarter from around $89 to $93 billion, back down to $84 billion. Still not that bad, but it was enough to stir the waters and get the conversation going around the fact that smartphone peak may finally be here, and yada, etc, at al…

The other bite in the proverbial fruit’s behind, came from Netflix, who managed to circumvent Apple’s cashier and changed their signup so users can pay for their subscriptions without Apple getting their piece of the cake. This coming from the largest source of revenue on the App Store, may have lead to some hair pulling.

Read more about this on Business Insider:

Tim Cook on the WWDC 2012 predicting the future pain on the behind
Tim Cook on the WWDC 2012 predicting the future pain on the behind

Changing lanes now (heh, sorry about that)

Tesla may have opened the gates, but the other horses are powering up for the race.

Volvo, is trying to start the year hot. Or to be more precise, Polestar did. The company, acquired by Volvo in 2015, develops high-performance electric cars based on Volvos, and this week they did put out one single image (seriously?) showcasing the rear end of their new all electric sedan, the Polestar 2. Along with the single sexy butt shot, they relased some specs. Apparently, the 4-door fastback will have 400HP and 350 miles of range (that’s about 562Km, for us reasonable people). It’s quite a range. If that pans out, gas guzzlers all around should start trembling seriously from 2020 onwards (which is the estimate date for production start).

Read more about the Polestar 2 on Electrek and Jalopnik:

The Polestar 2’s curvy derrière
The Polestar 2’s curvy derrière

Heads up for next week:

Next week should be largely about CES 2019. It starts on Tuesday, January 8, and goes until Friday, 11. This may be the year of 5, with 5K Displays and 5G on everyone’s radars, and 5 million voice-activated gadgets on display.

Have a great weekend ahead.


Tech News Friday: 2019/Jan/04

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