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Latest From the Blog

Tech Music Tuesday: 24/7 Code Radio by

A couple of weeks ago we featured Free Code Camp on our Coding Wednesday. Here’s another beat from them on today’s Tech Music Tuesday: Code Radio, their 24/7 music streaming. Excellent downtempo-electro-jazz inspired music with a soft hip-hop glue connecting everything. Great soundtrack for studying, coding and working. Check it out.

Tech News Friday: CES 2019 Highlights

Busy during the week? Fear not. We’ve got the important CES 2019 Press Conferences and Corporate Keynotes listed here for you to watch during the weekend. Enjoy.

Tech Music Tuesday: Focus Programming Music from #MrRobot + #SocialNetwork Soundtracks

This week’s Tech Music Tuesday helps you start the year concentrating on what’s important when you’re in front of the keyboard, with 90 minutes of (mainly) #MrRobot and the #SocialNetwork soundtracks to put your brain in the proper state.

Saturday Video Roundup: 2018/Dec/30 to 2019/Jan/05

Here’s our #SaturdayVideoRoundup listing the top Podcasts, Weekly Shows, Live Events and other interesting videos from the week, to get you up to date during Saturday and Sunday. Have a great weekend.

Tech News Friday: 2019/Jan/04

Leaky foldable screens, Project Soli greenlit by FCC, Apple’s painful week, and the new Polestar 2 electric sedan. Check the top tech stories of the week on our Tech News Summary.

Tech Culture Thursday: “3D Printed Guns”

These week on Tech Culture Thursday, lets watch this documentary by Vice/Motherboard about 3D Printed Guns. We don’t condone it. we just want you to watch and reach your own conclusions.

Coding Wednesday: “”

This week, let’s take a look at Free Code Camp, the non-profit that offers 1800 hours of interactive lessons for FREE, plus challenges and certifications to make a good proto coder out of you.

Tech Music Tuesday: “Daft Punk: Technologic”

Daft Punk kicking off our Tech Music Tuesday, to start the year in context. Plus the classic 2007 live concert in Paris, at the bottom of the post. Play it!

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